Medical communications, decentralised and certified.

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We offer a unique decentralised and secure platform for healthcare providers, such as hospitals, clinical labs or pharmacies, so they can exchange patient information in a secure and decentralised way. The platform is certified and conforms to patient-privacy regulations. It allows tracing and automatisation of data exchange. DDCare has the first certified distributed ledger solution for the medical sector. It has already a working product to exchange patients’ clinical laboratory results, which works in two hospitals in the Netherlands.


We built a standalone peer to peer solution using a permissioned, distributed ledger and encryption technologies to safely exchange medical records without the need of trusted parties.

Use case: Labchain

Labchain is the first, fully decentralised medical solution using blockchain that will go into production early 2019. The software solution is legally approved by Dutch state law firm Pels Rijcken and complies with GDPR.
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