First certified distributed ledger solution for Healthcare

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Clinical data exchange within healthcare (e.g. test results, imaging, prescriptions) is mostly done by post. This is a non-traceable and insecure communication that has issues with patient-privacy regulations (GDPR). It is also slow, costly and prone to error. Prognoses take long. Patients and clinicians need to wait for the results. Efficiency of healthcare is affected.

DDCare platform

DDCare offers a Blockchain platform that facilitates data transfer and exchange between healthcare providers. The platform is a fully decentralised standalone solution that uses an innovative combination of blockchain and torrent technologies DDCare is fully compliant with GDPR, and certified and approved in 2019 by Pels Rijcken, Dutch state lawyer


  • Cheaper than current solutions
  • Conform law patient-privacy regulations, GDPR
  • Decentralized, secure, encrypted & traceable
  • Digitalized, automated & standardized
  • Efficient: multiple transactions at the same time
  • Effective as there is no need of typing or controlling data
  • Extremely scalable